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Phi Phi Island

Koh Phi Phi is characterized by rugged limestone walls, vivid soft coral and gorgonian fans. Stunning rock formations continue underwater creating great wall diving with plenty of nooks and crevices for critters to hide in. With sloping coral gardens ripe for exploring on your safety stop, diving in Koh Phi Phi offers richness for all.

Keep a keen eye on the sand for resting leopard sharks. Look carefully for mantis shrimp and seahorses whilst triggerfish dart around you. Barracuda and octopus hang out with blacktip reef sharks, nurse sharks, turtles, bluespotted stingrays, and banded sea snakes in the blue. Whale sharks have been known to pass by Koh Phi Phi to follow the plankton trail from Malaysia to Myanmar. Sometime 10 meters long, these gentle giants are awesome overhead.

We usually do 2 dives at Phi Phi island and followed by the last dive at Shark Point.

phi phi leopard shark.jpg
phi phi dive.jpg

Diving is possible all year round but the best time to dive is between November and March. You may experience a little bumpy ride on the boat during the low season from May - September.

Price: 4,000 baht (3 dives)

Meals and drinks provided on the boat.

Additional add-on:

- Scuba equipment rental 500 baht per day

- Transfer (see below)

- Marine park fee 600 baht

Transfer between hotel and boat pier

Complimentary shared transport provided if you are staying in these areas:

- Kamala

- Patong

- Karon

- Kata

- Chalong

- Rawai

For all other areas, there will be a transport charge. Price will depend on the location of your hotel and also the number of divers.

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