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Similan Island

The Similan Islands and Richelieu Rocks are some of the most popular scuba diving destinations in Thailand and are located off the coast of Phuket. These dive sites offer some of the most stunning underwater landscapes in the region, with clear water, vibrant coral reefs, and an abundance of marine life.

The Similan Islands consist of nine uninhabited islands and offer a range of dive sites suitable for all levels of experience. The waters here are home to a vast array of marine life, including sea turtles, manta rays, and whale sharks. Some of the most popular dive sites in the Similan Islands include Elephant Head Rock, Christmas Point, and East of Eden.

Richelieu Rocks is a standalone dive site located in the Andaman Sea, about 18 kilometers east of the Surin Islands. This site is renowned for its diversity of marine life, including barracudas, groupers, and a variety of colorful reef fish. Visitors may also encounter whale sharks, manta rays, and even octopuses.

Both the Similan Islands and Richelieu Rocks offer great diving conditions during the dry season from November to April. With its stunning natural beauty and diverse marine life, these sites are a must-visit for any scuba diving enthusiast visiting Thailand.


Diving season here is between November and April. For the rest of the year from May - September the Similan island marine park is closed.

Price: 5,600 baht (2 dives)

- Meals and drinks provided on the boat.

- Transfer between hotel in Phuket and boat pier in Phang Nga

Additional add-on:

- Scuba equipment rental 500 baht per day

- Marine Park fee 700 baht

Hotel pick-up: 05:30 - 06:30 hrs depending on hotel location.

Hotel drop-off: 17:45 - 19:45 hrs depending on hotel location.

Similan Liveaboard

The Similan liveaboard is a popular way to explore the stunning dive sites of the Similan Islands in Thailand. The liveaboard boats typically offer multi-day diving trips, allowing visitors to spend several days exploring the underwater world of the Similan Islands and other nearby dive sites.

Liveaboards provide a unique diving experience, allowing divers to visit remote and less crowded dive sites that are not easily accessible by day trips. The boats are equipped with all the necessary diving equipment, and professional dive guides lead the dives to ensure the safety of all divers.

Accommodation on the liveaboard is comfortable, with a range of options available from budget-friendly shared cabins to more luxurious private cabins with en-suite bathrooms. Meals are typically included, with delicious Thai and international cuisine served on board.

In addition to diving, many liveaboards offer additional activities such as island visits, snorkeling, and kayaking. With stunning scenery, crystal-clear waters, and an abundance of marine life, a Similan scuba diving liveaboard is a great way to experience some of the best diving in Thailand.


Depending on your time and budget, there are a variety of options available for liveaboard trips ranging from 2 to 7 days. Here's a brief overview of the different options:

  • 2-day liveaboard trips typically offer a taste of liveaboard diving, with a few dives over the course of two days. These trips are ideal for those who are short on time or who want to try liveaboard diving for the first time.

  • 3-day liveaboard trips are a popular option and allow for more time to explore the dive sites. These trips typically include 8-10 dives, with opportunities to see a wide variety of marine life.

  • 4-day liveaboard trips offer even more time to explore the dive sites and include 12-14 dives. This option is ideal for those who want to see as much as possible during their liveaboard trip.

  • 5-day liveaboard trips provide a chance to visit even more dive sites and include up to 18 dives. This option is great for experienced divers who want to see a lot during their liveaboard trip.

  • 6-day liveaboard trips are perfect for those who want to take their time exploring the dive sites and include up to 22 dives. This option is ideal for those who want to see a variety of dive sites and marine life.

  • 7-day liveaboard trips are the longest option and provide plenty of time to explore the best dive sites. These trips typically include up to 26 dives, with opportunities to see everything from colorful coral reefs to sharks and manta rays.


Overall, there are a variety of liveaboard trip options available, each offering a unique and unforgettable experience. Whether you're a beginner or experienced diver, a liveaboard trip is a great way to explore some of the world's most stunning underwater environments.

Price starts from 13,900 baht.

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